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Finetooth Penstemon (Penstemon subserratus) is a fragrant, colorful perennial that is native to the western region of the United States. I live in the desert of the western US and grow it with ease. It is a low-water flower so it helps you save money on watering expenses. One little seed goes a long way! These seeds grow into gorgeous flower-covered stalks that are HUGE bee magnets!


The shrubs get up to 4 feet tall and each year I have more and more stalks. They are covered with gorgeous stalks of deep purple flowers from May through September. The flowers hold up beautifully in vases and make this a perfect cut-garden flower; they make the great "center flower" in a vase. Bees absolutely love them!


This is a hardy perennial - trim it back each fall and watch it grow just and big and beautiful next spring. It grows big and well here, so I divide mine each fall into separate shrubs, transplanting throughout the yard and sharing with friends. I've been growing this variety for several years, dividing my shrub each year. This packet of seeds will be enough to cover your yard in tall Fine-Tooth Penstemon!


Note these seeds require a period of stratification (cold) to grow best. They're best sown in fall or you can "mock" stratification in your fridge for a few weeks before you plant your seeds. Easy as that!


Light Requirements: Full Sun to Partial Sun

Water Requirements: Low to Medium

USDA Hardiness Zones: 5-11


This purchase is for 30 Finetooth Penstemon seeds. 

Finetooth Penstemon - Flower Seeds

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