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Eating for my health is so much easier with the right equipment.

Fresh Runner Beans

Teas made easy


Turn any garden herb, medicinal flower, or dried fruit into a delicious and healthy tea.

I use my Grosche tea infuser daily. Long gone are the days of filling your own tea bags or that little mesh ball that never has enough room in it. My best friend gifted me the smaller 24 oz. Grosche tea infuser a few years ago. I've since upgraded to the larger 34 oz. one which easily fills my mug in the morning, as well as my travel cup to drink throughout the morning.

It is a breeze to clean; I compost my spent tea, then run the simple setup through the dishwasher. 

I love to use dried ginger and herbs directly from my garden. This tea pot is awesome, and as you can tell - it makes a great gift!

Healthy Smoothie

Smoothies are essential

Pack countless nutrients into your day with a smoothie

I first got into the smoothie habit thanks to Dr. Terry Wahls' book, The Wahls Protocol. If you haven't read her book yet, I highly recommend it. It's the first book that synthesized all of my nutrition knowledge together and finally set me on a path to healthy eating. 

Dr. Wahl and others encourage us to eat a diet packed with vegetables, fruits, and healthy micronutrients. So, without fail, I start every day with a nutrient-dense smoothie that I make in my Ninja blender. 

Dr. Wahls and others recommend much more expensive blenders like the Vitamix. However, I have been using the Ninja for several years and am proud to say that you don't have to drop hundreds of dollars to get the benefits of a healthy smoothie. 

Here is my favorite Ninja set ~ I use it for so many recipes in the kitchen, including soups, pudding, and salsas.

What do I include in my smoothies? My typical recipe is 3 cups leafy greens, 1/4 cup berries, nut or coconut milk, and lots of additives like algae, seaweeds, sprouted nuts, and spices. Check out some more of my favorite (delicious) recipes here. 


Green Smoothie

healthy smoothies on the road.

Traveling doesn't have to make healthy eating take a back seat. One of the best investments I've made is in the Vitamix travel immersion blender. If you travel frequently like our family, this is an essential tool for keeping up with your daily smoothie habit. 

The reviews for this Vitamix immersion blender don't lie! Consider it a game-changer for eating healthy on the road. I simply visit any grocery store when I travel, stock up on organic produce (fresh or frozen), a container of nut milk, and viola. Healthy smoothie in seconds; a cinch to clean.


Your Food

Save money and improve gut health by eating fermented foods - straight from your garden

One of the keys to my health and recovery has been a focus on gut health and creating a healthy, diverse microbiome. Fermented foods like kimchi, sauerkraut, and pickled veggies are a great way to provide these essential foods for my body.

I am the proud owner of TWO of these Humble House fermentation crocks. I didn't realize just how easy it was to make my own fermented foods until I used them. This kit comes with a wooden packing tool as well as secondary weighted followers. It is easy to clean and makes never-fail krauts and kimchis for our family. Check out some of my favorite recipes here.

Are you new to fermentation? Then the place to start is this book by Christopher Shockey and Kirsten K. Shockey, entitled Fermented Vegetables. This book (paired with my Humble House crocks) has saved me countless dollars and helped preserve my organic garden crops throughout the year. 

Be sure to check out the book, even to learn the health benefits of eating fermented foods. 

For Health

Dried Oranges

Preserve organic veggies, herbs, and fruit with ease.

One of the simplest ways to preserve an abundant crop is to dehydrate. If you don't have a food dehydrator yet, I highly recommend you give it try. 

I use my dehydrator to preserve fruits, vegetables, and to make my own sugar-free jerkies and snacks. It also makes great herbs and additions for healthy, homemade teas. I recently had a bulk supply of ginger root that was starting to dry out. I simply peeled it, sliced it, and dried the ginger. I store it in an air-tight container along side my loose teas. It's easy to add a few slices to my Grosche tea infuser to add a little zing to my morning herbal tea. 

Here is the top-rated dehydrator that I recommend and use in my own kitchen.

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