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Nature's Perfect Vitamins

It's no secret ~ a diet rich in vegetables is an excellent way to ensure health and longevity. But why? Because vegetables and plants were what we were "raised" on as a species. Think about it this way. As our human species evolved, we hunted, gathered, and foraged for our food sources. Roots, tubers, greens, fruits, and bulbs.


Our bodies literally need these same nutrients to survive today, the same as we did thousands of years ago.

This is not news; in fact, the paleo craze has been around for several decades and preaches the same common-sense philosophy. Dr. Loren Cordain's pioneering book, The Paleo Diet, brought world-wide attention to this primal way of eating. Since his book became a renowned best seller more than a decade ago, people of all walks of life are going paleo, and for very good reasons.

Increased energy, decreased inflammation, stronger disease-fighting immunity, and improved vitality. Each of these is simply one of the promised benefits of eating the way nature intended us to eat. And it all starts with vegetables.

Years ago, I committed to eating more vegetables after watching Dr. Terry Wahls' TEDx Talk entitled, "Minding Your Mitochondria." If you haven't yet watched this 17 minute video, I highly encourage you to do so, if only to hear her powerful story of transformation. In her revolutionary book entitled, "The Wahls Protocol," Dr. Wahls outlines a simple formula for getting the most from vegetables every day.


Following her clear protocol, I aspire to eat 6-9 cups of vegetables daily. These are distributed between three categories of delicious veggies: Leafy greens, sulfur-rich, and deeply pigmented/colorfuls. 

Finding the Best Vegetables

Image by Gabriel Gurrola

There are two great options for finding the best vegetables for your family. One is to buy them in a store, from a CSA, or a farmer's market. 

The other is to grow them yourself. Let's explore both options.

More Veggie Love

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