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Introducing the One Year Garden Planner Bundle – the ultimate companion for cultivating a thriving garden! This meticulously crafted planner, spanning 10 pages, is designed to empower both novice and seasoned gardeners alike, ensuring a bountiful harvest and organized planting experience.


Created by a certified Master Gardener and written for those with a range of success gardening - from the brown thumb to the green thumb, this tool is for the seasoned and novice gardener. This tool will save you money on wasted time and dead plants, and will increase your crop yield this year. 


Key Features include:
- 10 page PDF to instantly download
- Three most popular print sizes available (8.5" x 11", A5 14.8cm x 21cm, and Happy Planner Classic 7" x 9.25")
- Print on any paper you like
- Links to FREEBIES for your garden and guided tutorials
- Perennial content (can be used year after year)


Monthly Goal Setting Tracker:
Seamlessly plan your garden with our monthly Goal Setting Tracker. Fully customize your own goals, whether your growing space is large or small.  Maximize your flower or food yield with strategic planning and planting. Simply print this Monthly Goal Setting Tracker each month, set large and small goals, and plan the best time to achieve those goals. 


Garden Tasks Idea List:
Implement sustainable practices effortlessly using our Garden Tasks Idea List. This is a HUGE bank of seasonal ideas to draw from as you're creating your to-do list for the garden. Sections of this Task Idea List include Starting Seeds, Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter Tasks, Greenhouse Tasks and more! Whether you're hoping to enhance soil fertility, reduce pests, or simply have the most beautiful garden in the neighborhood - this is the tool to help you get there. 


Monthly Reflection Tracker:
Stay on top of your gardening wins and lessons learned with our monthly Reflection planner pages. What went well? What was a dud? What did you learn and you'll carry it forward into the next growing season? These are all great questions to ask yourself and record from one year to the next. 


Gardening Tips and Tricks:
Benefit from our curated gardening tips and tricks scattered throughout the planner. Enhance your gardening knowledge, learn from expert advice, and tackle challenges with confidence.


Seasonal Reflection Pages:
Reflect on each season's successes and challenges with our dedicated reflection pages. Use insights gained to refine your gardening techniques and set goals for continuous improvement.


Spaces for Notes and Sketches:
Capture spontaneous ideas, sketch garden layouts, and jot down observations on our versatile pages. Unleash your creativity and tailor the planner to suit your unique gardening style.


With our One-Year Garden Planner Bundle, embark on a year-long gardening adventure equipped with the tools to cultivate a flourishing and organized garden. Elevate your gardening experience, plan with precision, and reap the rewards of a beautifully orchestrated garden sanctuary. 


This purchase is for one 10-page bundle of the Yearly Garden Planner. Copyright 2023 Sassy Bluejay LLC. All rights reserved. Due to the nature of the product, returns and refunds are not accepted on this product. Please message with questions prior to purchasing.

One Year Garden Planner Bundle

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